The idea of Luna Hare started in 2016 when my friend Simon decided to make room in his home for some new special items, we decided to sell some items on my E-Bay account to fund this. We started with a Green Man Oil Burner and we were amazed how quickly it sold. We eventually got everything on eBay we wanted to sell and it went from there. Everything sold !

Simon and I would meet up on a regular basis and just chat about anything, he really does like to help people and his approach really is Magick! I’m learning so much everyday with Simons patience and understanding and his BIG head of knowledge!

We began to do our research into getting into this with a more serious attitude and we did the local Trade fares for 7 years at every opportunity, to give Luna Hare a physical presence it was here where myself and Simon found our Magick!

We make an incredible team and offer a customer service that keeps people coming back to us time and time again. We went from strength to strength.

In August 2023 I was beginning to loose interest in my job due to my management not supporting and encouraging me. Simon pushed me into looking at getting a market stall. He helped me research the running costs and helped by being a constant for me, especially in its 1st official year on the market.

Simon’s wisdom and knowledge carried me through to where I am today.